Spring Season Concluded!

As of April 24th the St. Bonaventure Men’s Lacrosse Club has concluded for the year. After many weeks and multiple games the season has finally ended. The future for this club, however, looks very bright for they are only losing one Senior. The rest of the team is made up a few Juniors a lot of Sophomores and a lot of Freshmen. Due to all of these returning players and the prospective freshmen for next year, the team will only continue to grow stronger and more skilled.

Matthew Connoly has commented on the clubs ending for the year: “I thought the season could have gone better, but I think it was a good learning experience. It just showed us that we have the talent but just not enough people to go out there and win.” this season the bonnies went 1-4, Connoly sets his sights on next year, however: “I am optimistic though, we have the right guys with the right mindset to get better. I think next season we will have a good amount of new faces and I’m excited to see what they can do. Next season I expect us to be a very good and competitive team.” Matthew Connoly is the current captain and president of the team and will be going into his senior year in college and third year being the captain of the team. Under his reign the team will continue to flourish and grow, in size and in skills. Hopefully these past two years will re-ignite the flame of the men’s lacrosse team that once burned years ago.

~Scot Speranza


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~Scot Speranza

The team coming together after a long practice raising their sticks up with pride.